Trade Mark Registration


UK Trade Mark Registration
from £425

EU Trade Mark Registration
from £1,500

US Trade Mark Registration
from £1,350

Australian Trade Mark Registration
from £750


Trademark registration in the UK, the EU, the US and Australia

Trademarks provide the best way to protect your names, logos and brands.

Without a trademark you will find it difficult to protect your most valuable business asset and prevent other people from using your name.

We register and manage trade marks across the world for businesses both large and small. We are able to file directly in a number of countries including the UK, the EU, and Australia. Each of these countries, together with the US, is also able to be ordered and paid for online.

Please note that you will require the following information to apply online:

1. The name you would like to protect

2. The categories in which you would like to register the Trade Mark. We have provided a complete breakdown of all the categories of goods and services currently available on our trade mark classes page. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this.

3. The name of the proposed registrant of the trade mark - this can be either a individual or a company name.

4. The address for the owner of the Trade Mark - this can be any address worldwide.


Trade Mark Classes

Trade Marks are registered for the goods and services for which you do business. You will need to choose which classes best represent your business activities. You should also think about what you may be using your name for in the next few years, as this may be more than you currently use the name for today. It is generally more cost effective to register more classes at the same time, as marks can not be added to in the future. 

There are currently 45 trade mark classes, 34 of which relate to physical goods, the others of which relate to services. 

A full list of these can be found on our trade mark classes page.

Foreign Trade Marks

Through our network of agents we are able to register trade marks in over 50 countries. We partner with firms who share the same ethos as ourselves and seek to deliver trade mark registrations at affordable prices and for fixed fees wherever possible.