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Intellectual Property Consultancy

Intellectual Property Consultancy

No intellectual property consultancy project is the same as another. Some of the range of projects we have worked on include brand audits, look at the best way to structure the ownership of IP portfolios and find end buyers for IP assets.

In the majority of cases, businesses come to us to to help them better understand and utilise their intellectual property assets. Such projects normally take the form of one of the following key areas, namely

  1. IP identification and Audits

    Whilst it may appear at first sight obvious what IP assets a business owns, it is often the unregistered or overlooked IP which can contain the true value for a company. There may be items of copyright or software, for instance, which have been created and yet which the company is unaware of and could be charging for. In addition, often even registered IP is misrepresented in terms of not being visible throughout a business and can therefore become under utilised and even potentially vulnerable to being lost through non-use.

    We help identify these IP assets and make recommendations as to how a business might be best placed to develop an overall IP strategy. Many SMEs do not focus on their IP assets as often they do not feel it is of prime importance to them. We enable business owners to understand the value of these assets and to make recommendations to enable them to make informed decisions about their IP going forward.

  2. IP Ownership

    In many cases, IP is owned within the same company as all the other assets of a business. Often, this is the most inefficient way to own these assets. In many cases, a separate IP company can be established and any existing IP transferred to this company. This new company then licenses the original operating company the IP, thereby creating a revenue stream particular to the value of the brand itself. This in turn can aid businesses which are looking to franchise or to create further subsidiary companies in the future.

  3. IP Sale or Purchase

    In terms of the sale or purchase of IP, the actual assets can take many forms, whether these are registered such as patents, trademarks, domain names or other non-registered items such as copyright. We can assist with any asset sale or purchase and our input can be as detailed as each case requires. This could take the form of merely negotiating on your behalf or we could be involved right through to the ultimate transfer of the assets concerned.

  4. IP Outsourcing

    In many cases, IP law firms find it difficult to make money from fixed fee registration or formalities work. We are able to provide either a full service facility or, alternatively, can provide ad-hoc cover. In both cases, we can provide a low cost solution to fixed fee services and are familiar with the practices and procedures in a number of jurisdictions. In addition, we will arrange to invoice you once a month, meaning that not only is there an improvement in cash flow, the amount of paperwork can be significantly reduced.

We believe that we can help most businesses, whatever the size of their IP portfolio. We offer clear, common sense advice and are happy to quote for any project, whatever its size.