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We act as a depository and an independent registrar for any works of copyright. You can deposit anything that is copyrightable with us such as original literary, dramatic, musical, artistic works and sound recordings, including novels, poems, lyrics, songs, paintings, drawings, computer images, software, advertisements, logos, and even the rules of a game.
There is no single registry for copyright materials in the UK or Europe as there is in the USA. Without such a system, it is difficult for copyright owners to assert that their materials are original and predate other works. We provide a depository system allowing the creators of these items to register with us. We then provide a certificate as proof that we are holding these works on their behalf. In the event of a dispute, we can be called upon to prove when the works in question were deposited with us

This system gives the copyright owner the peace of mind to be able to prove that work is their own and when it was created.

Our charges depend on the volume of work deposited with us and can be viewed below – all prices are fully inclusive & each registration lasts 5 years from the date of receipt by us.

We term 1 item to be one CD, DVD, video or manuscript or other copyrightable item which you sent to us. You could, therefore, send us one CD album which would be 1 item despite the fact that it may contain 15 pieces of music and some album cover artwork.

If you think that you will register several pieces of work over time then it is much better value to pay for as many items as you think you will need to register as this may well be cheaper in the long run. For instance, if you think that you will have 10 pieces of work to register over the next year then purchase 10 items which would then mean that your cost per item would come down from £29 to £17.40, saving you a total of £116.